The Home Buying Process


Things to Consider When Buying a Northern California or Sacramento Home

Buying a Sacramento Home or Northern California HomeEver toured a Sacramento home and heard the ring of a school bell in the distance? If so, you may have wondered about the nearby schools - hours and sessions and even score ranking. Local schools play a big part in home ownership. From resale value, to property taxes, so your local schools will be influential on your Northern California home purchase.

The time to sharpen your pencils and search out statistics regarding your new home is here. Ask us about the details, such as the local schools, to make sure your home fits your needs. Do you know how to determine if your new home is the best choice?

What Research Helps When Buying a Sacramento Home?

A little research (which includes working with a real estate agent that knows Northern California) goes a long way in home buying. Neighborhood and local community knowledge means being aware of similar property values, market trends, crime statistics, and the local schools. If you want to do your own research on any area, in addition to asking us, here are some resources:

In all neighborhoods, consider the school district and the individual school located near your Northern California home. Watch for general trends rather than yearly scores. The money a school district or individual school spends per child, teacher turn-over rate, and parent satisfaction rate will give you the information you need, along with traditional API scores.  

Remember, choosing the right location is essential when buying a Northern California home.  

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